•   Message to Bin Ladin:
    If you have the power to have all seven hostages released, the four in Iraq and the other three humanitarian hostages in Afghanistan, do it. They are all innocent people with no political agenda, not combatants. In releasing them in good faith, that some prisoners maybe in that faith be released, especially the women prisoners in Iraq would be a positive and significant move towards further negotiations, in the near future. All must be more rational, and compassionate with these demands. Regarding the division of the people in these countries, what's needed is for all concerned to know exactly what it will take from your view point to accomplish something positive in those countries and settle things down. I thank you for coming out with your views recently to the world family, which is in great division at this time. May the Light break through the darkness.
    (posted November 13, 2004)

  •   Message to George W. and other World leaders:
    It is not the will of God to attack the people in al-Fallujah. Why are you destroying so many homes, killing innocent people, destroying there families and lives? Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. First you need to pull back the army again. This time approximately fifty miles or further towards Kuwait, and wait. You can always get back with your jets and heavy armor equipment to destroy the rest of their homes and lives. What is the hurry? I am not really sure who the terrorists are in any event. Then see if it will quiet down things in order to work out the differences and slow things down. Patience. You will not be able to stop it by killing innocent people and destroying their lives families and homes, then walking away as if it doesn't matter, because they don't believe the way we do in democracy. It will follow you, and be with you for the rest of the life here and further. Many people in this country tell me this is not a DEMOCRACY, but HYPOCRISY. Will you kill more than half of the Americans for seeing it that way, maybe more? Maybe many Iraqi people feel that way. Could this be one of the problems? Why not find out. Give them there country back stay out of harms way, and see if it will settle things down, to at least a slow roar. Take the time out to find out what the opposition to the American forces of democracy really is. You can't expect an election like this to solve the problems, or even work. First solve the problems, through communication, man's biggest problem, the lack of communication. This is not a good way to communicate with the gun in hand. Lay down your guns then resolve it, by simply getting into an agreement, needed at a worldwide level, then you will have no more wars. You need to begin somewhere before it is too late. Why not Iraq let all participate in the reconstruction, and recreation of their country, making room for a new, and different civilization to sprout up coming from Gods Light. The Iraqi people for one need no outside contracters coming in to rebuild what another country's armies has destroyed. To take the money out of the country, and jobs after all of this is too absurd. How much is an innocent life worth, how much will we pay if anything, and who will pay for it? Only patience and right thinking can save us all. We are living on a dying planet, because of the lust for money, and greed, in our value system, which is Godless. It is time to wake up, the clock is ticking. The wrath is upon you. Now you will see the true power that will force you to go back, where ever you came, and return to your karmic condition, where your karma is to take you. (COHISION IS THE ONLY WAY). You are all running out of time. The systems that you work with are Godless. This what is called democracy, or communist, socialism, your value system are of the dark ages. They are in need of repair, an upgrade. It is time to come out of the darkness, and into Gods consciousness. In true democracy a man has the right to choose. Corruption, suppression, and oppression must not exist. A greater sense of morality and compassion needs to exist. There is no system on earth that is that way.

    PS: We are not in the days of the past. We have nuclear bombs to destroy all mankind now. Your old war tactics of the past that never did anything, but bring us to this state will not work. You all are in the last days. What will you do in these days is up to you. The world family is lost and disorientated at this time. Lets all work together to change the state that exists now.
    God is Peace.
    (posted November 7, 2004)

  •   Message to Priminister Tony Blair:
    We at One Light are very happy to see you have got rid of that flutter in your heart, and that your heart may become stronger, and more compassionate in the days to come. That it may help bring Peace in the mideast, and around the World to those who are much less fortunate. Peace be with you,and those whom you love.
    (posted October 2, 2004)

  •   Message to Bill Clinton: Wishing you all the best with your bypass surgery. If for any reason you need a very gifted healer, who is a specialist of the heart, who can speed up the process, before or after the surgery, and help heal it all together. Feel free to email, [] for that assistance. Sending much light, and blessings (posted September 7, 2004)

  •   George W.: This war is senseless especially going into Al-Fallujah or An-Najaf. The people of these communities don't want the war at their door, and their homes, and holy sanctuary's destroyed, that have been there since the beginning of civilization, their culture. No one in their right mind, wants that, would you?
    (patience - love - communication is the only answer.)
    (posted April 25, 2004)

  •   Mr. Arafat and Mr. Sharon: Congratulations for the real beginning of negotiations towards peace in the Mideast. Let there be peace now and may the light of god shine over the Israeli and Palestinian people. (posted October 29, 2003)

  •   Pakistan and India: Militants of Kashmir stop the attacks on civilian people in Jammu and Grenada etc. Let the ministers of your countries renegotiate the differences until they get a positive agreement that's satisfactory to all people in the region. No more war. (posted October 29, 2003)

  •   Message to Arafat: You need to do your best to stop terrorism worldwide now and get into negotiations for peace in the mid-East with the Israeli leaders and leaders of other countries, to take the center road into that path of light to bring eternal peace to the Mideast. Allah and Adanoi are the same God. God is good, God is great, God is peace. Stop the self-destruction. (posted Apr. 12, 2002)

  •   President Putin and the Russian people: There are still leaders that are not paying attention to the owl messages. What enemy, there is no enemy, except ourselves, particularly if the so called enemy is open, trying to get into negotiations. What ever the event may be. When there is division in [God] consciousness there is darkness and problems. Darkness is simply uneducated spirit. Where the true problem exist. You must go to resolve it, in a positive way, by going to the cause, then the effect. Once one is totally clear, communication must begin. Communicating, eventually getting into a positive agreement. In order to see, and understand, both sides view point, in a clear, unemotional way. Rather then reacting from the little personal ego. Attempting to kill it, will not make it go away. It came for a reason, find out that reason. You will not be able to kill it, because so many are seeing it one way, and so many the other way worldwide. Then all must be killed, and destroyed. Yet so many are the innocent. No one truly in there right mind wants destruction, and death. Yet this is a worldwide problem, and has grown to great proportion. It is festering, getting worse day by day. The macho way is to destroy, conquer, and control. This will not work in these times, nor has it ever worked for the benefit of mankind. It has led us to this condition. True freedom, free will is needed, with a godly understanding, not judgment, and corruption for self gain. The way we are thinking, is the way we are doing things, from our actions. This is the great culprit that has created all this destruction, and demise. [It is all us]. We need to get to the cause of all this, and adjust for it now. It has also caused a karmic reaction in the spiritual realms that now exists, at an uncontrollable level. It will take a lot of effort, patiance, control and forgiveness. In godman the will is to understand, and is to know. When a condition comes about of this magnitude of illness. There is always a reason for it. We don't know any better at the time, that we are the cause, and effect. When a leader is leading a country of multi-millions of people he must be extremely clear, and careful, with proper intentions not [COMMING FROM HUMAN EMOTIONS] ONLY GOD CONSCIOUSNESS to lead the children into THE LIGHT. He who leads is responsible for the outcome of all his decisions, for all he serves. There is a lot more than just a leader at stake. This is not a time for sarcasm coming from a personal condition. It is a time to act in, and from light, if one is in [GODS LIGHT]. God does not war against it self, for god knows, it is an ill, and destructive way, and will only cause more illness, pain, and suffering. Did you forget? [GOD] is [LOVE, PATIENTS, and TOLLARATES]. If you want to stop terrorism. You now have the [OPPORTUNITY] to do so. UNITY is in that word two wrongs don't make it right. All destruction is self destruction. Mankind has been at war since the beginning of time, because of his deep and great confusion within, and about himself. Who he is why he is here, and his purpose for his existence. Just go to the cause, not to war. It is too late to have Bin Ladin over for dinner. It is not too late to ask him to help stop the terrorism, and give him a reason to do so. I am sure he will help if this is approached out of love, and understanding. Change" NOW". [Patience, tollarate, nogotiate]

    Gods a man only when he can get there through the true, right desires. Knowing God in light is to be a god, not the supreme deity, that takes great desire, and unimaginable work. When that happens, one will know, there will be signs.
    PS. GOD BE WITH YOU ALL! (posted September 7, 2004)
  •   Message: Patience is a virtue that needs to be understood. (posted March 18, 2003)

  •   Message to George W: Stop the onslaught and get into negotiations now! It's never too late for World Peace. (posted March 25, 2003)

  •   Message to the Ambassador: Ambassadors don't walk out of negotiations when millions of lives are at stake!!! (posted March 31, 2003)

  •   Message to World Leaders: You need to get a focus on the Congo area! The war is endless and at a catastrophic level now! Do Something!
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