O.W.L.F. Mission

conceived in 1973 then put into text in 1975

The purpose of this Web site is to introduce you to ONE LIGHT, a healing and educational organization. ONE LIGHT is of the philosophy that we're in fact all one, and that it's time to put aside our differences and begin the process of healing ourselves and our planet, without blaming or judging each other for the present situation, and that we must simply get to work and begin the healing process.

Our intent is to build or support various types of centers where people come to relax, improve their nutrition, meditate, communicate, and in general promote their own self-growth. Some of the centers will be intended primarily for the raising of the consciousness of the people on this planet, and some will be intended primarily to serve the community in meeting the needs of the people.

A brief description of the types of centers to be located in or close to city areas follows. These are designed to promote the interaction of international business people and will have most of the accommodations of the fully envisioned network.

Read Baba Ito's message letters to the world: 1/12/88, 1/15/90, 4/19/90