One World Light Foundation

June 27, 1990

Mr. Panetta:

I would like to congratulate you on the no contest election you won once again. I would like to say that your concern for the country and the people is admirable. I suppose you received my message regarding the greenhouse effect. We have to begin planting trees in the rain forest and around the world. McDonalds' and other corporate entities that are harming the environment by cutting down trees, for grazing land, that is must get out of the rain forest. We need to stop all together killing animals and eating the flesh of the animals, unless it's absolutely needed for survival, we have a choice.

Regarding nuclear testing it needs to stop. Earthquakes have come, and more are to come because Mother Nature is letting us know, how she feels. I am predicting major quakes to come to California in the next several months mid-month .We need to prepare for there coming. We don't have much time left. The greenhouse effect is moving in rapidly. We must resort to alternative energy for auto, planes, trucks, and factories. Wherever the cause of pollution. I hope to have a meeting with you regarding my spiritual center concepts in the near future.

Our Love

Baba Ito