One World Light Foundation

December 18, 1993

Dear Leon:

I know this letter will find you in bright light. Congratulations on your new position in government. I hope it will be okay to write you from time to time on important issues that we all face. Of course one still being the greenhouse effect. I have just been listening to the first message tape I made concerning the problem and realized that, it is impossible to understand the part when I stated not to run automobile engines when not in use. What I meant is shut off the engines when the vehicles are not in motion. Most people leave their engines running when waiting for someone, particularly the big rigs. This is just down right stupid. Can you imagine if we didn't have all these engines idling constantly when not in motion, how much less carbon dioxide would be pushing into the atmosphere which is a poisonous gas. And `now it is 6-30-2008 almost fifteen years has past, How many tens of millions of tons has gone into the atmosphere since then. I believe I gave this message several years earlier on the homeless tapes. I just can't understand how the human race continues to stay a sleep all these years and allow others to poison them to death and everything else here. I suppose it's the same reason why they don't get my messages or understand me as well. And all these oil spills, and how many spills and detruction of the earth and it's atmosphere since then, "Oh Well" Its time to wake up and stop burning fossil fuels. So if we begin to shut down the engines in this country it will set an example for other countries to follow as well. And now we wonder why Gods wrath, is upon all of us here now.

PS: Leon, I certainly wish you all the best in your new job position as right hand man to Bill Clinton, but please don't get caught in the illusion. The head of the budget is not your real job. You are the bearer of the light, the light bearer to the folks in the White House and all nations worldwide from that base.

God Bless, Rev. Baba ito