One World Light Foundation

Jan 28, 1996

Dear Leon:

I had to write once again this time regarding Hillary Clinton. My feelings are that the white water probe will work out just fine. The light is shining on her. The only thing I can think is she has a lot of Gemini in her. Leon, I haven't had a television in over ten years. I follow everything in the newspapers and magazines. I have been laughing so much reading an article about Hillary Clinton. It's even funnier than when Betty White released that female eagle in Carmel Valley and it wouldn't fly off, it had it so good there. I'd like to thank Mrs. Clinton for all the entertainment she provides. I hope she can taken it all lightly, as it is. Regarding China and their leaders. These groups of guys must change there way. Therefore fairness regarding international trade and human rights is imperative. Bill Clinton could guide them into a peaceful agreement with the Taiwan leaders hopefully. But the big focus now must be the "shut down" of the nuclear arsenals and plants worldwide. If this doesn't not happen we may as well forget existence as it is on earth, now. Because all will be wasted if it goes nuclear. This should be the next focus. And the most difficult of the messages goals is giving up dependency on and go full solar and wind. If we don't do that, its just a slow death for the human race. So, Regarding corruption as the biggest problem, I was mistaken. This fall is under lust, greed, vanity, attachment and anger from the little self ego, that will someday cause the destruction of humanity, God children. Get this one oil is needed to stay in the earth, it will help reduce the strength of the earth quakes that are coming. It acts as an antidote, the opposite when it is dislodged. It will destroy all living life on this planet eventually. So which way would the congress and senators vote on this one (Life or Death) for their friends and families, children and all other species and life on earth.

Good luck,

Baba Ito