One World Light Foundation

April 28, 1996

Dear Leon:

Hoping this letter finds you and Silvia in the best of health and spirit. Also I hope you received my message by telephone Sunday 4-28-96 regarding the heat up of the planet and the potential fires around the world that will come. The only thing I can think of for now is to prepare is for the armies around world wide to train and resist, rather then killing the other guy. We can't afford to loose more trees, or vegetation, we need to start planting trees everywhere. I can only think of one person now I know of that would be an authority on the subject, and possibly could help, being Anthony Andoh. He is founder of the North Scale Institute in San Francisco and a leader of Ghana. His phone number in San Francisco is (415) 759-9491. He may be able to help. In fact, I'll include some information Regarding his work, he knows me well and his wife Kali. Second issue is its time for the United states to enter into the oil business by building refineries in order to get national debt we have occurred. Also reverse into solar energy. This needs to be done. We must not let greed, and stupidity destroy the chances of survival for the new generations. By poisoning ourselves and our purpose here. So what is this point of continuing on at all if we continue. We may as well just blow ourselves up. It's time to get quite serious about the message I gave in 1989. We've got to convert from nuclear energy to solar now. Because even if the scientists think it's safe they can't predict the amount of surges of the earthquakes or where they'll be or can they stop the fire or wind. We will need to start growing much of our food in different parts of the world. If our wealth conditions persist to begin giving aid to those countries that are willing to do the farming and assist there as zimbawe. I may be addressing other harmful issues at a later date. Congratulations to all for there efforts regarding the Mideast settlements. It's time to be open up to the leaders of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya and fulfill there needs by seeing there view point and then compromise, all need to detach from the past and get into unity now, from there it will be easier to settle the wars. All the best to you Al and Bill Clinton. You guys did a splendid job on earth day. Now its time to get to work on the earth everyday, it's urgent. Plus all the best to Mr. Peres and Mr. Arafat for hanging in the light. in an attempt to get Peace in the Mideast.

Ito Peace
edited 7-24-2008