Message Letter from Baba Ito, 6/12/88

June 12, 1988

To whom it may concern:

I am a hands-on light healer. I have more than twenty testimonials that have been submitted to me by the people who have benefited from the healings. The majority of them are the homeless. I have been with the homeless now for the past few years. They are like family to me. I also have been homeless off and on during this time. I am also an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

For the past few years, I've been going to the Unity Temple, which is at Ocean and Broadway in Santa Cruz. Rev. Emily Sanford is the minister there. Recently I sent her the testimonials plus two tapes, each an hour long. On these tapes you will be able to hear actual healings plus the testimony of the healings that took place on the streets of Santa Cruz. Tapes #1 and #2 were completed just a few days after Easter and sent out to the Chief of Police, the Veterans, politicians and the very rich including the church. Approximately twenty churches received the testimonials. I am now sending out the tapes to the ministries; this also includes the Temple Emanuel in San Francisco. All the churches are between Santa Cruz and San Rafael in Northern California. I plan on meeting with the ministries as soon as possible. I'd like to remember that a new vibration came over the planet this past Easter. I have also been in touch with Rev. Emily Sanford of the Unity Temple regarding the shutdown of all nuclear energy on the planet in order to get some control over the possible destruction of our planet. This will in turn curb the greenhouse effect. I urged her to help and her ministry to shut down pollution and to stop the wars. This is the church's job and to raise the consciousness here. These actions will save all life here; my main concern is the newborn. Someone had to speak for them and all other life in all the kingdoms of creation. Just recently I told Rev. Sanford I was sending the homeless to her temple, that they need love and support.

After viewing the news today I realized that the light is breaking through. There are just a few more things that need attention now. One being free choice for birth control, alternative energy and one world government, no more border lines. Once we accomplish this we will be changing a hell into a heaven. And last of all, Diablo Nuclear Energy Plant must be shut down now. There's a major earthquake heading this way. Let's all of us work together to save ourselves and this beautiful planet Earth that was given to us from creation.

Love Forever.

Rev. Baba Ito