Message Letter from Baba Ito, 1/15/90

January 15, 1990

To Whom It May Concern:

 I have now completed the "homeless tapes", which consist of some 30 hours of interviews in the streets of Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Berkeley and other locations in northern California. On these tapes is the truth about what is really going on in the streets of this country: the suffering, the abuse, the police harassment, the healings, the predictions of earthquakes, etc. Many of the street musicians, and many of the locations no longer remain, since the Loma Prieta Earthquake of October, 1989. These tapes were made by me in order to bring middle-class America into the streets to find out what really is going on in the streets of this country with the homeless.

On these tapes you can hear many testimonials of healings that I have performed, the warnings that I have given of coming catastrophes, etc. I hope that all those who hear these tapes will find them informative as well as interesting and entertaining.

My future plans include meeting with the Kahuna shamans of Hawaii; and then further travel and meetings with other shamans and spiritual masters throughout the world. My main objective is to bring them together under one roof, to set up the first spiritual center of its kind, in order to work toward the solution of many of the problems of our planet and bring about world peace. In order to achieve a harmonious existence with one another and all life on this planet, we must all work toward the raising of consciousness here, to raise the vibration.

One Love,

Baba Ito