Message Letter from Baba Ito, 4/19/90

April 19, 1990

To whom it may concern:

I am a hands-on light healer. I have more than forty testimonials that have been submitted to me by people who have benefited form the healings. Many of them are homeless people, among whom I have lived with and spent time with for the past several years. They are no like family to me. I also have been homeless off and on during this period.

I have been in touch with Rev. Emily Sanford, of the Unity Temple, around March of 1988. I urged her and her ministry to influence anyone in her congregation or other organizations around the country of the Unity Temple to contact politicians, to make them aware of the necessity and urgency to shut down all nuclear energy on this planet, and stop wars immediately. This message also went into 20 of the most powerful churches, ministries of different denominations, including Temple Emanuel and the Chinese Church in San Francisco. Along with this message was included free choice for birth control worldwide, one world government, no more borderlines, organic growing worldwide, and assisting the poor and homeless worldwide and now last of all remaining, vegetarianism is essential (no more eating of the flesh of the little brothers and sisters). Last of all, my letter and message to the ministries was that a major earthquake was headed this way and that the Diablo Nuclear Energy Plant must be shut down. The prediction for the first quakes to Northern California was for mid September and mid October on audio tape and hard written.